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Richard Bradley


I currently work as a Receptionist at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have Wargamed since college (in the 1970's!) and am a member of Tyneside Wargames club.

My Gaming Philosophy

Why Play Solo?

Solo games allow people without access to regular opponents, the chance to play games. It also allows players to act cooperatively against a solo run enemy, which gives games a whole different dynamic. It also reduces the chance of arguments between players! I have also found it can be fun playing alongside a solo run unit!


I use several mechanisms in my rules, some of which I have borrowed from other sets, for example, the use of 'quality dice' - where a larger denomination dice is thrown by better troops. I discovered this in GZG's Stargrunt system. Others are of my own making, the solo systems in particular, and the systems in use in the solo rules for Wings/Sails of Glory, and X-Wing.


Tyneside Wargames Club

The Tyneside Wargames Club has been meeting regularly most Saturdays during the year since 1982. The main thrust of their gaming is historical although we do on occasion delve into Sci-fi, fantasy and boardgaming. All periods are played in various scales from ancient to modern, including naval and aerial combat (but obviously not ancient aerial combat!)

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Sample Game Reports

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