What A Tanker

What A Tanker - points system

What A Tanker - Solo System

What A Tanker Arab Israeli War Variant

Early 19th Century Skirmish Rules

Early 19th Century Skirmish Rules

Early 19th Century Skirmish Rules Quick Reference Sheet

Law of the Gun - Wild West Rules- Richard Bradley

These rules were written to produce a combat system like the one in the commercial set 'Six Gun Sound', which seemed a nice detailed - though not cumbersome, system. On top of this, I developed a more detailed solo system to use with these rules. This means of course the rules are designed for players to run 1-4 figures. We have played several games with this set, and have found it...quite challenging! and great fun!

Law of the Gun Rules

Law of the Gun Quick Reference Sheet

Stargate Solo Rules

I wrote these to play solo with a lot of Stargate figures I managed to buy several years ago, I had several attempts but finally got a set I liked, and have enjoyed playing. Essentially, players run 1-4 figures against hordes of Jaffar!

Stargate Solo Rules

Stargate Solo Rules QRS

Stargate Solo Rules Markers

State of War - ACW Skirmish Rules

These are another 'child' of my French and Indian war' skirmish rules, and allows company sized ACW actions.

State of War Rules

State of War Quick Reference Sheet

General Markers etc.

WOUND MARKERS.pdf for all skirmish rules

Beneath the Lily Banners Points System

BTLB2 Points System






Sample Game Reports

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