Herkybird's Nest

This is the home of my various rules systems. About 10 years ago, I began to write my own skirmish rules, as I was not tempted by several commercial sets I had tried. I have a group of friends in my club who I pitch the rules at but apparently other people outside our club also use and like them!

I have produced solo systems for several commercial game systems (like X-Wing and Wings of Glory) and my own rules have integral or separate solo systems for most of them, which has allowed us to avoid some of the angst seen in so many opposed games!

I originally made them for our own club use, but was persuaded by a friend to put them on this, our club website. I really hope you enjoy using them, but if you have any suggestions, comments, complaints or queries, please contact me and I will hopefully be able to help!

Click on the images below to view the different rules. On each page you can download the rules, view images and links to AARs and tutorials

A little about me

Wargamer & Rules Writer

Richard Bradley

I currently work as a Receptionist at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I have Wargamed since college (in the 1970's!) and am a member of Tyneside Wargames club.

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